1. Tati, please do a review on your high end moisturizers! and can you review the Lancôme
    .Absolue L'Extrait Cream, its $365 and I gotta know if it's worth the hype

  2. Please review the Anniversary Edition of La Prairie Cellular Lip Colour in Rouge. I can't find swatches. On the La Prairie website, in the tube it looks like Guerlain Gigolo, my favourite!!! Many of us rely on your opinions and I think I want this lipstick.

  3. I had a Chanel quad about 6 years ago, called Enigma. It was everything I had ever dreamed of and made my eyes look FANTASTIC. I eventually lost it and they discontinued. I think the newer ones aren't as good, but I keep looking…

  4. Can u do a video of the order of face care? Like there is mostorisers, cleansers, oils, exforliants, pore minamizers, brighting lotion. . . Like how do u put this On? Or do u not put certain ones one when u put others. . If u layer then. . Doesn't it mess up the one u put on before? I have no clue. . . Help! 🙂 please

  5. Ok so maybe it’s not high end like Dior…but I bought the finishing spray from Urban Decay. It was $32 and I was completely unhappy to find that it DOES NOT WORK! I am a nurse and was looking for something to help my makeup stand up to the sweat that I go up against at work in high intensity situations and running around and my face essentially still fell off. Now I used my friends Ulta brand finishing spray and went to Disney in FL on a 90 degree day and it was much better! A $6-$10 product mind you compared to $32. Which to me seems a bit much for the hype I’ve heard from others. I was completely disappointed 😔

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